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You’ve invested a lot of resources and time to create the best company. Why not make the most of it? 24uNet's IT security experts can help you get the most out of technology, so you can see tangible business results sooner.

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Simplifying Technology For Organizations

Managed IT Services

managed services

Grow Your Business - We Will Manage IT

Keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention and the availability of a highly skilled staff. Yet, many organizations are overwhelmed by rapidly changing business demands and the ability to retain proper IT talent.
That’s what makes 24uNet’s managed IT services an attractive alternative to traditional in-house IT service delivery. Our managed services can help free you from necessary, time-consuming IT tasks like patching, monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure.
We’re here to give you relief from the mundane tasks so you can focus on the strategic business initiatives that differentiate your business.

Network Services

network services

Routers, Switches, Firewalls & Virtualization

Enterprise networks provide the connectivity essential for every organization. But, with the onset of hybrid IT and cloud solutions, the enterprise network is more critical and more complex than ever. 24uNet’s Advanced Services team specializes in end-to-end network services, including network infrastructure consulting and design, implementation, network security assessment services, and operations and maintenance services for any size organization. We get networks and are here to deliver networks that are secure, scalable and ready to carry your organization into the digital age.

IT Assesments


Let Us Check Out Your Current Situation

Understanding where you are today will help you better prepare for tomorrow. Changes to your technology can be more impactful if you have a clear understanding of your current environment, and an assessment is a great place to start. IT solutions tend to evolve over time, often resulting in a less-than-ideal environment. Software updates and configurations may not have been maintained. Security may be compromised. The design may have drifted from industry best practices, and documentation may not be accurate. It’s extremely valuable to step back periodically and evaluate the environment in light of your current business needs and current technologies. Comprehensive IT assessment services from 24uNet examine your complete environment and highlight the opportunities to improve operations, arming you with the knowledge and context you need to create an effective remediation plan and move forward with confidence.

Security & Compliance

cyber security and compliance

Secure Your Organization

Cyberthreats are on the rise. Budgets are shrinking. And security talent is hard to find. At 24uNet, we get it, and we're here to help. At 24uNet, our approach to our customers’ security is demonstrated in our security framework. We base our work on the core principles of the CIA triad: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Everything we do for our customers is built and managed to strict best practices that provide a level of operational excellence achieved through rigorous ITIL process and procedure, best-in-class technology, top-tier certified data centers and truly exceptional engineering talent. We build security solutions specifically for your unique needs with every tedious, but critical, detail considered for security and risk implications. It’s this attention to detail that has made 24uNet a preferred managed IT service provider for companies of all sizes, in just about every industry from coast to coast.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

writing on computer

How Much Downtime Can You Afford

Ensure critical data can be recovered quickly, minimizing downtime and, most importantly, keeping your business up and running. Backup and disaster recovery have become fundamental elements of business and essential pieces of information management. Availability and integrity of information, or the lack thereof, can directly impact revenues and profits, as well as an organization’s reputation. 24uNet's managed IT service and support remove the burden of monitoring and managing your backup and disaster recovery infrastructure to give you increased reliability, reduced risk and more time to focus on your strategic business initiatives.

Low Volt Wiring Commercial & Residential

low volt wiring commercial residential

Cabling and Cable Abatement Services

With the evolution of computing and digital communications, wiring requirements are evolving. Wiring for telephone and video services are being replaced with digital services that can be carried through data network wire. The newest component in this IP network migration is the Electronic Safety and Security systems that include everything from video surveillance to access control. All of these new technology roles have made the integration into a facility difficult to do without hiring several different contractors. Bringing all the elements together requires the understanding of the foundation within structured cabling systems (ISP). 24uNet's consultants specialize in designing and integrating these technologies. We can design the electrical and mechanical components, build the systems and design, install, and integrate the software and communication systems that transform your franchise. 24uNet can install and service many types of low voltage cabling including, Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 for data networks, VoIP phones, IP Surveillance (CCTV) Cameras, video or any custom needs you may have. 24uNet installs audio wiring for background music in franchise businesses, multi-room audio systems and paging speaker systems. We also install wiring for alarm systems, computers, TVs or other video systems and many other applications. 24uNet handles all commercial jobs for both new construction and retrofitting older existing office spaces.

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Managed Business Package With HaaS

Managed Services with PC Hardware

Package includes workstation (Intel I5 8GB RAM 256 SSD or comparable), Dual 24" Monitors, Business Office Premium, Anti-Virus, Backup and unlimited support for one low monthly price.

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An Impressive Portfolio of Clients

Success-Driven Partnerships

Client 8

Monica Lindholm - Senior Marketing Director

Committed Long-Term Partners

"24uNet is extremely intelligent and really has a great understanding of Information Technology and specifically in the subject of I.T. Security. I found that 24uNet’s team is a company that I could trust completely. Dane has a great deal of discretion and is very honest. His over all project and organizational skills makes his management style conducive to getting the job done on time and within budget."

Client 3

Helen Brackin - VP Information Technology

Greatly Improved Business

“I consider myself very fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with 24uNet’s team the past few years. Dane is one of the brightest and most talented individuals I have met during my career. Although he is a dedicated (and extremely capable) I.T. Security professional, 24uNet’s team is one of those rare companies who can pick up any topic thrown their way and, through self-study and research, become deeply knowledgeable about that topic. Dane has exceptional communication skills and is able to lead his team to accomplish high quality work in short periods of time.”

Client 5

Misty Persinger - VP Sales & Marketing

Loyal Client

“Working with 24uNet has been a great experience; Dane’s strong values and persistence are assets that bring excellent results for him and the people he works with. He is an information security professional who has great understanding of project delivery, both from the project management, business and the technical approach.”

Client 3

Marian Bragg - Director

Loyal Client

“24uNet’s knowledge of the I.T. Security space is superb. As someone new to the industry, it was fantastic for me to find someone who not only possessed the expertise but was enthusiastic about sharing it and tirelessly making sure that I understood what I needed to know. Dane’s expertise and consulting skills as well as his “get it done” attitude inspired confidence in clients and co-workers alike.”

Client 5

Wanda Rice - Senior Marketing Strategy Analyst

Committed Long-Term Partners

“24uNet’s team are an experienced company with deep knowledge of information security management systems. 24uNet demonstrated this during the planning and execution of high priority, complex and global projects while maintaining oversight of day to day security operations. 24uNet is very professional, and works well with my teams. Dane is well respected by peers, management and staff. I would be happy work with 24uNet again.”

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