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Are you ready to save money on the number one business tool you use every day? Let me introduce you to a revolution in phone services, it’s called a VOIP phone and you are gonna love it.
VOIP stands for voice over I.P. which simply means instead of having a traditional landline, a cell phone and an internet connection, you harness your internet and connect it to your phone service. You can kill two birds with one stone while saving time and money.
A VOIP phone is no longer new technology, in fact people have been using the internet to make calls for over 20 years.

Here’s How A VOIP PHONE saves you money
When your business chooses to use a VOIP phone system you immediately eliminate a stack of bills. No more sign up fees, transfer fees, long distance and international charges. ( I bet you are already getting excited. )

Here’s How A VOIP PHONE saves you time
Tired of playing phone tag? With a VOIP phone system you can take your business phone with you anywhere that you have internet connection. This means your clients can reach you whether you are our selling ads or at a business lunch. Instant connectivity automatically increases your productivity and enhances your bottom line.

There’s only one thing you need to know to make a VOIP phone system work for you. You need to contact At 24UNet you will be assigned a specialist in VOIP management. They will work with you to figure out exactly what your business needs and how to save you the most money. Many small and medium businesses, just like you find they save between 30-50% a year on their phone bills. Who wouldn’t want that?
Ready to learn more? Call 303-468-5515 Ext 400 and ask the hard questions. is prepared to help.

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