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Helping You Keep Cybercrime at Bay to Avoid Costly Productivity & Revenue Loss!

Introducing CyberShield: Giving You Peace of Mind Knowing Attacks Will Be Stopped Before Damage Can Be Done!

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Do you want peace of mind knowing your network is safe against attack? Are you looking to feel confident knowing attacks will be stopped before damage, such as productivity and revenue loss due to downtime? 24uNet understands the importance of protecting your livelihood. That’s why we’ve got the perfect solution to safeguard your company.

24uNet is pleased to present CyberShield powered by EventTracker – the all-in-one cybersecurity solution that prevents and responds to threats on all critical business assets.

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Believe it or not, all companies are targets for cybercrime, especially small businesses. Why? Because cybercriminals know you’re not focused on securing your network as a large corporation would. In fact, 71% of cybersecurity breaches target small businesses – they know your weak points and vulnerabilities.

CyberShield is a sophisticated, all-in-one cybersecurity solution that keeps you safe through:

  • Detecting and automatically responding to a cyber attack.

  • Monitoring around-the-clock for dangerous system and user activities.

  • Real-time alerts as soon as anything abnormal occurs.

This is the perfect solution to ward off cybercriminals – safeguarding your company against attacks that often result in lost productivity, lost market share, reputational damage, and loss of client trust. Starting at $649 per month, CyberShield is an affordable way to stay secure and have complete peace of mind!

Downtime, reputational damage, and lost business opportunities… the cost of an attack is far too much. CyberShield saves you time, hassle, and money!