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It’s late and you have been working all day on a big project. Your fingers are cramped from typing the last bit of your upcoming proposal. Suddenly it happens. In a flash, a power surge blips your computer and everything you worked on is gone. All of your hours down the drain. Looks like you’ll be at this project all night long.

Been there?

As a business owner you know that hours equal dollars, yet many small businesses leave their computer systems completely open to lost data. That’s where the IT specialists at 24uNet can help. 24uNet can develop a back up system that won’t let you down.

Here’s how it works. In information technology the process of saving your files and archiving them to your computer is called a backup. If the data is correctly archived it can be restored even after a tragic data loss.

Data can also be lost through errors or computer corruption. When your computer contracts a virus or has a repeated error your system become venerable to losing it’s memory. Today however, a good IT manager can design your business system to avoid such loses and in the case of a crash, they can redeem or recover your lost information. (thus saving the day!)

Critical to business is the need for backup space. Each and every piece of information must be stored somewhere in order to retrieve it at a later date. Orgainzing storage space can be a complicated undertaking as there are multiple devices that will require adequate storage and each one needs to be accessed for security and portability.

Smart business owners work with IT specialists who know data backup and recovery and who can design a specific strategy for your unique company needs. I recommend They are fast, effiecient and affordable. Finally some good news for business!

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