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Can you afford the cyber security measures necessary to keep your financial business safe?

24uNet understands that financial institutions value services that help to ensure the security of their sensitive data. Wealth management firms and financial services companies need to know their technology is capable of keeping their digital assets safe from hackers, human error, and other threats.

To achieve this, you need expert consultation that understands the reality of modern cyber security. 24uNet knows that you can’t just “set it and forget it”; you need carefully designed and ever-adapting cyber security support that’s in line with the newly emerging cybercrime threats around the world.

24uNet is here to consult on your cyber security needs, not to replace your current I.T. support. To learn more about reasonably priced and industry-specific services for your business today, be sure to get in touch with 24uNet at (303) 468-5515 or

Small to medium-sized businesses face ongoing pressure to provide ironclad services within tight budgets, which can often lead to cut-corners on otherwise vital investments like cyber security. Don’t be fooled into paying less for a false sense of security from those who tell you they “have it covered”. True cyber security experts know that real peace of mind comes from investing in digital protection and awareness that’s updated on a regular basis.

That’s what 24uNet wants to do for you. With our help, you can reduce the cost of cyber security and achieve greater efficiencies, all without compromising on the quality of protection. As your partner in cyber security support, we provide the following for your business:

  • Comprehensive Measures: In order to ensure there are no gaps in your business’ digital defenses, we employ web filters, mail filters, server and workstation endpoint protection, internal and authentication\authorization controls, and more in your business.
  • Unparalleled Cyber Security Framework: 24uNet is proud to have developed the first proprietary SEC-OCIE compliant cyber security framework for wealth management and financial services companies firms like yours.
  • Compliance Support: Our Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) platform includes over 1500 built-in compliance reports that are automatically distributed according to your specifications.
  • Extensive Assessments: We offer thorough vulnerability testing and cyber security auditing to ensure your digital protection is sufficient to keep you safe and compliant.
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection: We provide integrated anti-malware, data loss prevention (DLP), and simplified data encryption to keep your systems secure against external threats.
  • Data Encryption: Centralized data encryption and protection of your PCs and removable media ensures that your vital data can’t be read or used by cyber criminals and other third-parties.
  • Email Gateway: We protect your primary line of business communication with integrated anti-malware, anti-spam and email encryption so that your employees don’t have to worry every time they click “Send”.

Don’t bother with cyber security support that fails to understand what your business needs to stay safe. To learn more about what we can do for your business’ cyber security measures, contact 24uNet at (303) 468-5515 or today.

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