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Get the cyber security services and support you need to overcome obstacles and keep your business safe.

Optimizing your cyber security doesn’t happen by accident. It requires time, expertise, structure and a proven strategy tailored to your needs to create a truly secure technology environment. In addition to all that, wouldn’t you like your cyber security support company to service your business in an effective and reliable manner? While this may sound too good to be true, in fact, it’s exactly what 24uNet’s range of cyber security services can offer your company.

24uNet has what you need to gain a true peace of mind when it comes to your business’ cyber security. To learn about our many services, get in touch with our team today at (303) 468-5515 or

  • Cyber Security: From managed Wi-Fi to email encryption, our team of cyber security experts can equip your business with a range of protective measures to keep you safe from viruses, malware and more.
  • Cyber Security Consultation: Want an expert second opinion on your cyber security standards? Our team can perform an in-depth review of your business to provide a detailed and unbiased assessment, complete with clear and actionable recommendations for addressing any identified vulnerabilities.
  • Perimeter Security Solutions: We employ a comprehensive range of cyber security solutions — from web filters to firewalls to endpoint protection — in order to secure your business’ digital perimeter.
  • Email Security: Our team understands the importance of secure email, which is why we equip our clients with a range of cyber security measures, including an email gateway, interception of suspicious emails, antivirus and phishing detection technologies and MME type and extension filters.
  • Security Compliance: We can help clients maintain their compliance with PCI, GLBA, HIPAA and other regulations with our suite of vital security services, including our one-of-a-kind SEC-OCIE compliant cyber security framework.
  • Cyber Security Training: 24uNet understands that security isn’t a matter of “set and forget” technology; in reality, it begins and ends with the user. We offer invaluable training services (including a presentation, handbook and completion certificates for employees) so that you can rely on your staff to help keep your business safe. 
  • Ransomware Defence: We keep you secure from the latest hacking methods with SPAM detection, Advanced Endpoint Security, and User Education.
  • Managed Security Services Provider: Our team of cyber security experts can equip your business with a range of fully managed protective measures including round-the-clock monitoring and management of intrusion detection systems and firewalls, supervision of patch management and upgrades, execution of security assessments and security audits, and emergency response.

24uNet isn’t here to replace your current I.T. provider; we’re cyber security experts that can consult on your cyber security needs. Reach out to us at (303) 468-5515 or today to get started.

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