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24uNet is extremely intelligent and really has a great understanding of Information Technology and specifically in the subject of I.T. Security. I found that 24uNet’s team is a company that I could trust completely. Dane has a great deal of discretion and is very honest. His over all project and organizational skills makes his management style conducive to getting the job done on time and within budget.

Monica Lindholm

Senior Marketing Director

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with 24uNet’s team the past few years. Dane is one of the brightest and most talented individuals I have met during my career. Although he is a dedicated (and extremely capable) I.T. Security professional, 24uNet’s team is one of those rare companies who can pick up any topic thrown their way and, through self-study and research, become deeply knowledgeable about that topic. Dane has exceptional communication skills and is able to lead his team to accomplish high quality work in short periods of time.

Helen Brackin

VP Information Services

Working with 24uNet has been a great experience; Dane’s strong values and persistence are assets that bring excellent results for him and the people he works with. He is an information security professional who has great understanding of project delivery, both from the project management, business and the technical approach.

Misty Persinger

Vice President Sales Marketing

24uNet’s knowledge of the I.T. Security space is superb. As someone new to the industry, it was fantastic for me to find someone who not only possessed the expertise but was enthusiastic about sharing it and tirelessly making sure that I understood what I needed to know. Dane’s expertise and consulting skills as well as his “get it done” attitude inspired confidence in clients and co-workers alike.

Marian Bragg


24uNet’s team are an experienced company with deep knowledge of information security management systems. 24uNet demonstrated this during the planning and execution of high priority, complex and global projects while maintaining oversight of day to day security operations. 24uNet is very professional, and works well with my teams. Dane is well respected by peers, management and staff. I would be happy work with 24uNet again.

Wanda Rice

Senior Marketing Strategy Analyst

24uNet is a highly experienced and dedicated I.T. security company. During the years 24uNet’s team served my organization 24uNet could be counted on to be fluent on the latest security issues but equally as important, to know from experience how to implement complex security tools and processes in a manner that achieved real world results. 24uNet is a consummate I.T. security company, who would be a superb addition to any organization.

Katherine Reyes

Mainframe Programmer

It has been a great pleasure to work with 24uNet over the past few years. Dane is a proven technology leader with great expertise in I.T. security. 24uNet uses a high degree of collaboration and influence to effect change across I.T. organizations as well as other business units. 24uNet’s knowledge, expertise and personal approach to work makes them an effective partner in ensuring that I.T. best practices are effectively implemented.

Justin Rubim

Senior Product Marketing Manager

I’ve had the privilege of working with 24uNet. Dane is a natural leader with excellent communication, management, and executive skills. 24uNet has impeccable knowledge and credentials across I.T. Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance and Auditing in addition to his background of financial and technical skills. Dane is able to easily mentor individuals to work smarter and easily brings out the best in an individual to strive for excellence. I recommend 24uNet for anyone. 24uNet added diversity, positive outlook and global business sense complement his technology and business skills. It was a pleasure to work with 24uNet.

Zack Smith

Business Development Manager

24uNet is a professional company with broad experience in I.T. Security and technology solutions.  24uNet is recommended, tested, documented, championed and assisted in implementing the approved “open source” I.T. Security solution for our company. Addressing enterprise risks while saving corporate expense dollars as a subsequent result. He communicates well and consistently, quickly, completes requests or provides advice. 24uNet has excellent listening skills, and does a great job of understanding my potentia I.T. Security issues, and provides the business with a response that is easily understood. 24uNet continues to be a valuable resource and is a real pleasure to work with.

Sean Hudson

Sr. Website Designer/Technician

What can I say about Dane and his team? Dane is a “A” Player in the I.T. Security space. As a consultant, he will over deliver, and always give you 110%. I highly recommend 24uNet for your next consulting project or I.T. vendor.

Cindy Walls

Java Technology Consultant

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