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I came into the office today and realized if I didn’t cut expenses I would need to lay someone off. That is a sobering reality. When you are a small business owner, like me, you are committed to your workers. My employees feel like family and the last thing you want to do is give your family a pink slip.

I was about bury my head in my hands when I saw an ad for online. I had never heard of them before but I went to their website and read about about how Voip Phone systems. It seems using my existing internet for my business phone system could really save me money.
I took a minute and dug out my phone bills. They were huge. There was a charge for this and a tax for that. Everytime we added a line there was an additional fee. Long distance and our toll free number stacked up our charges. I got to thinking if I significantly cut our phone bill the savings would add up fast.

24UNet suggested we consider a VOIP Phone system. Here’s how it works. Basically, you dump your landlines and use the same internet you are already paying for, to carry your calls. They showed me how I could save up to 50% every year plus I could take my business phone with me as long as I had wi fi or internet access. I really liked that idea. If I could eliminate lost productivity I would also save money and avoid phone tag. I was getting excited.

Another great benefit is the 24/7 support. Sure, every phone company says they have support, but I honestly do not have 2 hours to wait on hold. Working with a responsible company that knows my name and my business makes a difference to me.
By the end of the day I felt incredible relief. I hired 24UNet to work with my business as a managed Voip phone consultant. They will evaluate my business, our current phone system and how to make VOIP work for our specific needs. I can’t wait. A VOIP phone will save us money and who knows, it may just save a job or two!

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