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If you are anything like me, you hate to wait. Waiting makes me anxious. As a business owner, all I can think of is the million and one things I could be doing. ( if I wasn’t on hold with the phone company.) Why am I on hold? Because, like millions of other small business owners I am trying to program the office’s new phone system. I am attempting to make each office, every individual line and the hold system work together in one seamless transition. As I recall, this was suppose to be EASY.

Truth is, I made a huge mistake. I should have taken the advice of a friend and worked with to switch my traditional phone lines to VOIP. VOIP uses the internet I already pay for to run my companies phone system. VOIP saves money and hassle because everything is already connected. No need to bundle. It’s all one easy to use system and the best part? The phones come to my office “plug and play.” (oh I am so mad at myself!)

Plug and play phones are already set up and ready to go. You tell 24UNet what you want and they get the phones ready to simply plug in so that they instantly work with your internet. Need additional lines? They will set it all up. 24uNet tests and tries everything before it arrives at your office door.

Nope. Not me. I couldn’t possibly do things the easy way. Instead I decided to be traditional and I am paying for it. Old phone systems take time and money to set up. VOIP systems are nearly instant.

I am still on hold. Forget it! I am calling and installing VOIP. My time is worth something and I am so ready for the ease of “plug and play.”

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